Welcome to Kick Like a Girl! I am grateful that you have taken the time to find out a bit more about my company. I believe we all have a story and mine has pretty much revolved around the game of soccer since I was 6 years old. I began playing at 6 years old in the great state of Minnesota. Now, this was back in the late 70’s, early 80’s and the female soccer landscape was much different then as compared to now. I absolutely love the game of soccer and the life lessons it teaches. With a lot of hard work, I was able to secure a soccer scholarship to the University of Denver in 1989. Following my unbelievable fun ( lifelong friends that I love) and successful college career, I ended up marrying a pro soccer player. No big surprise to my family and friends, except that I was only 24 when I got married which was the surprise, considering I had been voted the last one to “get married” by my friends, haha! My husband and I were married in 1995 and joined the Major League Soccer journey in 1996. 23 years and four kids later I felt it was time to create a brand around my passion for soccer. This crazy professional soccer life has led our family to move 7 times, once internationally which has allowed me to become entrenched in the youth soccer culture all over the United States and to witness the amazing growth of the female game-I wish I could play now:-). Over the years, I have been frustrated looking for soccer specific apparel for myself and 3 girls that was not only functional and affordable, but displayed our passion for soccer- I longed for a connection with other like-minded females with every move and wished I could see somebody wearing a brand like KLG that I could connect with and begin to feel a part of the community. Well, I did what every entrepreneur does, identifies a need and then creates a product to satisfy that need. I decided to create Kick Like A Girl, Inc. with the intention to unite the female soccer community. I still remember sketching designs back in 1982 for a female sport apparel line having no idea that I would one day create one, you just never know:-). I am passionate about growing a brand that allows every individual who wears it to not only be super comfortable, but to feel confident wearing something that says- Kick Like A Girl and/or displays the KLG logo (see below for logo info). A logo that will bring together the female soccer community, so that wherever your life takes you can recognize another female lover of the beautiful game of soccer and connect. I want us to all take the time to connect on a personal level, face to face with great conversations. After all, us soccer moms and players are truly living and loving the #klglife and now it is time to show it with the Kick Like A Girl brand.

The pentagon shape was chosen for two reasons; it is a panel from the soccer ball but more importantly, each point represents an element of life – Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. At KLG, we feel every female needs to be true to their spirit and embrace their unique qualities inside and out.